How To Burn 100 Calories

If you are trying to lose weight or trying to stay healthy, you may want to know how to burn 100 calories. There are many ways you can burn calories. Breaking a workout into tiny 100 calorie bites can make exercising easier to fit into a busy schedule. Here are ten calorie burners for you to try! (Note: These numbers are averaged for a 150 pound individual.)

  1. Take a walk. Just fifteen minutes of brisk walking will burn about 100 calories. Put your lunch break to good use and take a walk around the block!
  2. Run in place. Don't know of a good place for a walk? Jogging in place for twelve minutes will burn 100 calories even faster.
  3. Dive in. After work, a quiet fifteen-minute swim will burn 100 calories. A great alternative for anyone, especially for those who find higher-impact exercise difficult.
  4. Skip it. Jump rope (like you mean it) for ten minutes for a quick 100 calorie burn. And no, it's not just for girls. Ever see "Rocky"?
  5. Cool it. Too cold for a run? Bundle up and go sledding. (Think you're too old to sled? Take the kids or borrow someone else's.) You'll burn 100 calories in about fifteen minutes. (Or more if you are on a really steep hill.)
  6. Saddle up. Want someone else to do all the work? Hop on a horse for 25 minutes and see 100 calories ride off into the sunset.
  7. Clean up. There are many jobs around the house that will burn 100 calories. About 25 minutes of vacuuming, ironing or other muscle moving housework will burn 100 calories. See? Now you have more incentive to get up and clean!
  8. Take it outside. Outdoor chores burn calories, too. Fifteen minutes of gardening (digging, raking, vigorous weeding) can burn 100 calories. So can 20 minutes spent washing and waxing your car and 25 minutes of mowing the lawn.
  9. Dance! Dance like nobody's watching and you can burn 100 calories in 20 minutes. Or slow dance with a partner for six more minutes.
  10. Take five. Only five minutes to spare? Hit the wood pile. Chopping firewood will burn 100 calories in less than four and a half minutes! You can snuggle up with your honey by an open fire when you're done!

Lose the excuses! It's easy to burn 100 calories. If you fit a few of these activities into your schedule each day, you will be quickly on the way to a slimmer, healthier you!

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