How To Burn 3500 Calories A Day

Learning how to burn 3500 calories a day is an easy task to accomplish. However, continuing the process of burning 3500 calories a day is a not so easy task to do since it normally takes approximately one week to burn 3500 calories. This specific amount of calories is important to most people because the calculation of burning 3500 calories is the equivalent to losing one pound of body fat. Knowing how to build your workout routines will immensely help you in burning this large amount of calories in such a short amount of time. Considering these facts, it is obvious that burning 3500 calories in one workout routine takes a lot practice and skill. It requires you to set aside extra time out of your day to research individual workout moves and how each affects your body. Another important factor to consider is your Basal Metabolic Rate or your Resting Rate. This rate is important because it is the bare minimum calories that your body burns to keep your essential functions (heartbeat, breathing, blood circulation, etc.) working. If your intake of calories plus loss of calories combination due to exercise falls below your Basal Metabolic Rate, this will result in losing weight. Consuming more than the Basal Metabolic Rate will result in gaining weight. This is the most important information you need to know in order to create the best calorie burning workout routine and meal plan for the day. This workout routine should require no supplies, weights or other equipment.

  1. Set a block of time that you will dedicate to working out. This is the first and most important step. You should create a time chart for each day indicating these blocks of time. Mark off each block as you finish each one. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and helps you stay focused.
  2. Create a fun workout routine. The best workout routine is a routine that will leave you wanting to continue working out. Having fun with the routine keeps you from dragging yourself to a banal workout routine day after day. Instead, you will actually enjoy it and look forward to it day after day.
  3. Infuse your workout with calorie burning moves. Follow the below sample workout routine as a guide to create your own method to burn 3500 calories a day.
  • Running ten minutes per mile per hour for two hours equals 1573 calories burned
  • Climbing stadium or apartment stairs for two hours equals 1234 calories burned
  • Heavy aerobics for one hour equals 694 calories burned
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