How To Burn Audio CD On A Mac

Getting started with how to burn an audio CD on a Mac couldn’t really be simpler because, well, you are doing it on a Mac. Even with the software that comes with Apple Macintosh computers such as iTunes, you can pull together that mix tape, er, CD in a few minutes.

To burn an audio CD, you will need:

• A Mac
• CD burner
• CD burning software
• Blank CDs
• iTunes

  1. Open iTunes. Go to the iTunes menu at the upper left and choose Preferences. In the popup dialog box about two-thirds of the way down you will see “When you insert a CD:” and choose how you want iTunes to react when inserting a CD. To the right of this, click the Import Settings button. In the new popup next to “Import Using” select AIFF encoder. This is the format you will need on the Mac to burn an audio CD. Click “OK.”
  2. Import the songs to iTunes. To import songs from a CD, open iTunes, the File menu, then to Library and then to Import Playlist. This will bring up a browser window where you can find the CD. Select the CD, then select all the songs you want to import, whether the whole disc or individual tracks.
  3. Change MP3s to AIFFs. If you already have the songs in iTunes, you will need to make certain they are in AIFF format, rather than MP3. MP3s on a CD won’t play in regular CD players. To change the MP3s, first put all of the MP3 songs in a Playlist by going to the File menu, then to New Playlist. Name the Playlist, then select and drag the songs into it. This does not move the original location of the music files, just selects them for playback or burning together. Select all the songs in the Playlist by using Command-A. Then go to the iTunes menu and select Preferences again. Where it lists “Import Using,” select AIFF. Then go to the Advanced menu and select “Create AIFF” version.
  4. Make another new Playlist to burn. Then go to the Music icon in the left side list in iTunes. This will show you the original MP3s right above their AIFF counterparts. Select the AIFF versions, which you can distinguish because the Size will be significantly larger, and drag them into the new Playlist. You can select non-contiguous songs by holding the Command key and click each with the mouse.
  5. Insert the blank CD into the burner. Then go to the File menu, then to Library and then to Burn Playlist to Disc. In the popup dialog box, select the CD burner and burn speed. Make certain you select “Audio CD” as the Disc Format. Click “Burn,” and wait for the process to happen.

You can burn multiple copies of your CD, but remember that it’s illegal to distribute them because they contain copyrighted material. That is, unless they are songs you wrote and recorded.

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