How To Burn Fat With Jump Rope Workout

Anyone can learn how to burn fat with a jump rope workout. This childhood favorite activity is being revived as a legitimate fat burning workout. Jump rope workouts are convenient because they can be performed anywhere at anytime. Jump rope workouts provide an array of health benefits ranging from increased speed and agility to improved hand-eye coordination, but the best benefit of jump rope workouts is the ability to burn large amounts of fat in very little time.

Things you'll need:

  • Jump rope
  1. Warm up Always warm up before performing a jump rope workout or any workout for that matter. Aim at warming up for five to ten minutes by either jogging or stretching. Warming up your body will help loosen your muscles and prepare them to burn fat.
  2. Check your form Most beginners jump twice in between rotations, which actually allows you to rest in between each rotation. In order to jump cleanly with each rotation, keep your abdominal muscles tight and use your wrists to move the rope while keeping your arms steady.
  3. Start slow Starting slow is very important, especially for novice exercisers. If you can only jump rope for five minutes, take a one to two minute rest period and proceed to do another five minute set. As you get better at jumping rope, work your way up to adding more time on to each set and taking shorter rest periods.
  4. Jump rope intervals As steady sets become easier to perform, perform high intensity intervals with your jump rope. Interval training helps burn more fat because the intensity mimics weight training. Intervals can be something as simple as jumping as fast as you can for one minute and resting for two minutes or performing 50 jumps, resting for thirty seconds and performing additional sets of fifty jumps.
  5. Switch it up Once you have mastered jumping rope for an extended period of time without stopping and performing intense jump rope intervals, your body may adapt to your jump rope workout, so it’s time to change it up a bit. Incorporating new moves like high jumps during rotations and lateral hops where you jump from side to side with the rope placed on the floor or a few feet off the ground. This will help you continue to burn fat with your jump rope workout as your body becomes stronger.
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