How to Burn Video Games

If you ever wondered how to burn video games, then look no further. Backing up your video games is just as important as saving any vital data, since your original video game copy may scratch or get lost over the course of time. Please note that there are several ways to burn video games.  You need to either back up your original video game disc into your computer before burning, or you could obtain an image of the game through any online distribution service.

To burn video games, you will need:

  • CD or DVD writer
  • Burning software
  • Blank CD or DVD media

How to Burn Video Games from an Original Disc:

  1. Insert the original video game disc into your computer CD/DVD writer. Once your computer detects the disc, launch your favorite burning application to make a disc backup to your computer. This process will essentially create a video game image, which in turn will allow you to burn it onto a blank disc.
  2. Once backed up, replace the video game disc with any blank media and place it into your CD/DVD writer. This will now allow you to burn the newly-created image onto a blank disc.

How to Burn Video Games from an Existing Image:

  1. Launch your burning application and browse for the video game setup files. If the video game was obtained through an available online retailer or other source, you will find the needed files in your computer hard drive.
  2. Insert a blank disc into your CD/DVD writer. Once you locate the needed video game files, burn it to the blank disc from your desired burning software.

Warning: Before you  burn video games, ensure you have an original copy or receipt. Otherwise, not having proof of purchase can lead to legal consequences.

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