How To Burn A Wii Game

Often Nintendo Wii owners wish to learn how to burn a Wii game so they can have a backup copy if something happens to the original. Storing backup copies of games ensures that if the original game disc is damaged or simply wears out over time, you'll still be able to play your game without paying for a new copy. A few pieces of software on your computer will help you copy the game without learning any complicated procedures.

Items You'll Need:

  • Wii game burning software
  • Blank DVD-R or DVD-RW
  • Wii unlock hack program
  • SD card
  • ModChip (optional)
  1. Download Wii game burning software. Several free software for burning Nintendo Wii games are available online. Find a software program from a site you trust and download it to your company. If it does not run automatically, locate the program in you "Downloads" folder and double-click it. Follow the onscreen instructions to install and set-up the software for use.
  2. Insert your Wii game into the computer. Open the Wii burning software program and choose the Wii game you inserted into your computer as the game you wish to convert. Start the conversion and the software will create a non-protected file of your Wii game. Save this file in an easy-to-find location on your computer, such as directly to the desktop.
  3. Remove the Wii game and insert a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW. Either blank DVD will work, but a DVD-RW allows you to erase the game and burn over it at a later time while a DVD-R can have a filed burned to it only once.
  4. Copy or burn the Wii game file from your computer onto the blank DVD. Dragging and dropping the Wii game into the DVD folder will automatically start burning the game on most computers. If not, save a copy of the file to the blank DVD.
  5. Download a Nintendo Wii unlock hack program file and install it on your Nintendo Wii. Save the file onto an SD card or other memory device and plug it into the Wii. Follow the instructions given by the distributor of the unlock hack program to install this software on your Nintedo Wii. If you have a Wii with a ModChip in it, you can skip this step.
  6. Insert the burned Wii game into the Nintendo Wii. Wait for the load screen to appear and play the game. Use this copy if you want to protect your original, or keep this copy in a protective CD case to use in case the original stops working.

Knowing how to burn Nintendo Wii games will save you a lot of money and hassle if something happens to your collection of games. From broken games to a theft of your original games, you'll be glad you kept a backup copy on hand for just such situations.

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