How To Butcher A Cow

Learning how to butcher a cow will help you control meat production. Taking control of this task will assure that you are observing the highest quality control while raising the animal and also while processing the meat. It takes practice and to learn how to butcher a cow but in time, you will be satisfied doing it yourself because you will be able to perform the task with the least pain and suffering as possible.

To butcher a cow, you will need:

  • meat saw
  • a container
  • water
  • winch
  • gambrel
  • a hook (optional).
  • You will also need a gun to knock the cow unconscious.
  • When you butcher a cow, ensure that you do it in a room wide enough with a sanitary area for the purpose.
  1. Fall is the ideal season to butcher a  cow. Flies will not be a major concern and there may be inadequate pasture for feeding at this time. It is best to butcher a cow with an empty stomach so make sure not to feed it within 24 hours before butchering. Make a distinction for the male cow to have it castrated earlier but if it was not, then remove the testicles and the head right away before you butcher a cow. This process is done to prevent the meat from getting spoiled and tainted.
  2. Shoot the cow on the head just midway between the  eyes. Others hit the head of the cow with a big piece of wood but this is often not effective.
  3. Sever the main arteries and veins along the throat with a knife and cut  outward. This will help drain the blood easily.
  4. Cut the flesh to remove the cow’s head using a meat saw.
  5. Then you should make a slit along the cow’s Achilles tendon located on its lower legs to insert a gambrel to lift and hoist the animal’s carcass. Remove the feet on its joint before hoisting with a winch. With a knife, begin to slit the flesh from the Achilles tendon down to the center line of both legs. Then slice the body down to the cow’s neck.
  6. Begin skinning by pulling the skin outward from the center line where the slit was made.Pull with your hand or use a hook as a tool and continue to pull while working the knife to separate skin from flesh. Work on the crotch area by making a Y cut as the skin is tighter here then work from the anus to the tailbone. Avoid puncturing the gut and cut down through the sternum. Remove penis for male cows then cut the meat between the legs. Then begin to remove the internal organs like the intestines, bladder, and stomach. Place them on a container.
  7. Wash the carcass with water to clean. Using a water hose is more convenient but a pail of water will do. Also wash the floor area to maintain cleanliness and leave the carcass hanging to dry.
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