How To Button A 3 Button Suit

Once you know how to button a three-button suit you will be able to look good when one the job or on a night out. There are some rules when buttoning a three-button suit that will save you from a mistake that can cost you style points, and prevent your suit from holding up. Take the following into consideration to know how to button a three button suit.

  1. Never button the bottom button. Don't button the bottom button on a three-button suit, or any suit or jacket for that matter (minus the double-breasted jacket and paddock coat).
  2. Some people advise not to button the top button, either. This is certainly a fashion consideration for those very well up-to-date, though most don't put much weight into it. The reason? Leaving the top button undone allows the lapel to be closer to the waist, which is where it is designed to be. Don't worry though, many don't choose to follow this, and many simply aren't aware of it.
  3. You are supposed to button the waist button. This means that it is most accepted to button the middle button on a three-button suit.
  4. When to break the rules? It is acceptable to button the top two buttons if the jacket lapel becomes negatively altered due to its construction. And, if it's cold, feel free to button anything you'd like. No one will be disappointed in you.
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