How To Button A Peacoat

Need to know how to button a peacoat. Peacoats are double breasted jackets with two rows of buttons, wide lapels, and slash pockets. They either come in waist length or knee length styles. The material that’s familiar with most peacoats is wool. Learning how to button a peacoat is very easy.  

  1. Slip the peacoat over your shoulders while facing the mirror. Learn how to button your peacoat by practicing with the buttons since they can be sometimes hard to tie. Some buttons are hard to put through the holes, while others may become too loose after one use.
  2. Line up your buttons with your holes. You should learn how to button your peacoat while facing the mirror. You don’t want your peacoat to look askew as you leave the door.
  3. Take the first button and put it through the hole. When you know how to button your peacoat, make sure it’s in the right hole after you’ve buttoned it. Loop the remaining buttons into their holes. Look in the mirror to make sure they match up.
  4. Tie the last button if you feel comfortable doing so. Some people are not comfortable with having the last button tied. This is because they may need to get in and out of their car easily. If you want extra room, then leave it untied.
  5. Accessorize with your peacoat. Add a scarf, hat, or gloves to complete your look. An example of a completed look would be a beret, cashmere sweater, and leather gloves. This is a classic look to wear from fall into winter. Once you learn how to button your peacoat, you’ll feel smart and fashionable!

It may take a few tries to learn how button your peacoat, depending on how hard the buttons are to tie. If your peacoat doesn’t fit your right, have it taken in by a tailor.

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