How To Button A Shirt

Most men should know how to button a shirt. It’s relatively easy, but sometimes the buttons can be hard to fit through the holes. It can become frustrating, especially during those times when you’re rushing to get to work in the morning. Learn to effectively and efficiently button a shirt by following these tips.

To button a shirt, you will need:

  • A button-down shirt
  • A full-length mirror
  1. Put on an undershirt. An undershirt is a plain white T-shirt or tank top. It adds a layer of comfort and warmth between you and your shirt.
  2. Put on your pants first. You should always put on your pants before you attempt to button your shirt. Leave your pants unbuttoned so you can tuck your shirt into your pants.
  3. Slide your shirt on. Put your shirt on, one arm at a time. Button the wrist buttons before you button the rest of your shirt.
  4. Straighten your collar. Make sure that there are no wrinkles anywhere on the shirt. Straighten your collar out with your hand to see if it smoothes out.
  5. Line up the bottom of your shirt. Look for the lowest button and button hole, and then tie them. Work each button through each button hole (while lining them up) until you button them all. This is the most effective way to button a shirt.
  6. Look at your shirt in the mirror. Make sure that your shirt isn’t askew. If it is, attempt to button your shirt again.
  7. Tuck in your shirt. Start at the front and work your way to the back. Make sure you have your shirt tucked in all around. If so, button and fasten your pants.

Depending on the buttons, it may take a few attempts to button a shirt. Iron your shirt before wearing. They tend to wrinkle or crease, especially if they just came out of the laundry. Wear a belt if you need to hold your pants up.

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