How To Buy Analog Televisions

If you still want to know how to buy analog televisions then you must have missed the boat. Almost everybody today, prefers to have a digital TV. This article is for all you old school cats out there, who want to know where analog televisions can still be bought today.

  1. Check out Craigslist or Backpage. Both sites have free classified sections where people list items that they don't want anymore. You can find analog TV's being given away by people who are looking to upgrade. Make sure you meet these people at a third party location to make it safe for them as well as yourself.
  2. Buy analog televisions from eBay. eBay will have analog televisions for sale that are cheap. This is the place if you want to buy analog televisions, because most people won't bid on them. This means less competition for you when you are trying to buy these televisions.
  3. Look to buy analog televisions from yard sales. If you are looking to buy analog televisions from a yard sale, make sure that you test the television and inspect it well. The reason is because most analog televisions date back to the 90's, so you can't be really sure what you've got until you check it out.
  4. Buy it from a department store. You can still buy analog televisions from department stores, but usually it will be a small portable TV. If you need a small TV to put in your car or truck because you are on the road a lot, this is perfect.            



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