How To Buy An ATV

When you know how to buy an ATV, you can choose the right kind for your needs. Choose the number of wheels you want your ATV to have, and whether you want it to be a utility or sport model. Sport ATV's are faster than most utility models, which tend to be used in more rugged terrains. Popular ATV's usually are four-wheelers, however you can get them with as many as eight wheels. If you intend to hold onto your ATV for awhile, you may want to spend a little more money and buy one that is brand new, instead of buying a used one. Decide which kind of ATV you want to buy, and then shop around at different ATV dealers to find the best price.

  1. Go to an ATV dealer and look at a few different models. Decide which one you like the best, and then find out which ATV’s are on sale. Make sure the ATV you select has enough horsepower for your needs. Ask the dealer how many cc's, or cubic centimeters the engine has. If the one you like is not on sale, negotiate with the salesman to get a lower price. Once you agree to a purchase price, tell the salesman you will be back in touch later in the day.
  2. Visit a second ATV dealer before you make a decision to buy an ATV. Go through the negotiation process with the second dealer, once you choose an ATV you like. If you can get a better price than what the first dealer offered, consider buying an ATV on the spot.
  3. Secure financing when you buy an ATV. Unless you are paying cash, contact a bank to find out what rate they will give you on an ATV purchase. You can also get financing right at most ATV dealerships. Compare the loan packages from both your bank and the dealer, and choose the loan that has the lowest interest rate.
  4. Find out the warranty when you buy an ATV. If one dealer offers you an extended warranty as part of the purchase, you may want to buy from them if you want the security of having the extra warranty. Find out what the warranty covers, before you make your final decision.
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