How To Buy Babe Ruth Baseballs

Do you want to know how to buy Babe Ruth baseballs? Owning Babe Ruth baseballs is like owning a piece of history. Babe Ruth was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Owning a baseball Babe Ruth actually signed would be a treasure. Count your pennies because a Babe Ruth baseball is going to cost you a ton of money.

Things You Will Need:

  • Internet access
  • Budget
  • Credit card
  • Transportation


  1. A Babe Ruth baseball is going to cost you. You need to set a budget before you decide to buy a Babe Ruth baseball. Once you set your budget, you can get started. If would be a good idea to make an online search and see what Babe Ruth baseballs are selling for.
  2. Make an internet search for Babe Ruth baseball. Check out the sites that sell Babe Ruth baseballs. Look at the prices. A Babe Ruth baseball is expensive. Make sure the site is secure. Make sure the dealer is reputable. Make sure the Babe Ruth baseballs are authenticated by true authentication services.
  3. Go to an online auction site and make a search for Babe Ruth baseballs. Check out the baseballs. Check out the seller’s feedback. Check out the seller’s reputation. Make sure the Babe Ruth baseballs are authenticated. Check out the autographs. Some balls will have only babe Ruth. Other baseballs will have other famous players on the ball with Babe Ruth. Check out the condition of the baseball.
  4. Go to an online auction house that deals in memorabilia items. Check out the site and the reputation of the site. Make sure they are legitimate. Set up an account with the auction house. Check out all the specifications. Often an auction house will charge you a hefty premium above the price of the baseball. Check out the Babe Ruth baseballs and the prices. Decide if you want to follow the auction and bid on the Babe Ruth baseballs.
  5. Buy the Babe Ruth baseball that is the best deal for the money. Buy an authenticated Babe Ruth baseball. Buy from a reputable company. Make sure you do not over spend. Many companies will include insured shipping with your purchase. Decide if you will accept the shipping or if you will drive to pick up your baseball.
  6. Decide how you are going to pay for the Babe Ruth baseball you purchased. Part of this depends on what payments the dealer accepts. If they accept credit cards or cashier checks, pay likewise. It does not hurt to pay for and pick up the Babe Ruth baseball in person. This takes part of the risk out of the deal. If you meet the dealer face to face, check out the baseball, and pay for it in person, you will not get cheated. Dealers will ask for a down payment if you decide to pay for and pick up your Babe Ruth baseball in person. Pay for this down payment with your credit card. Your credit card statement is your receipt.
  7. When you get your Babe Ruth baseball, have it re-authenticated by a professional. This will give you piece of mind.  Even though it was an authenticated baseball, it does not hurt to have it re-examined.

Tips: Check out a dealer’s reputation. Make sure online sites are secure. Make sure the Babe Ruth baseball is authenticated. Pick up the baseball in person. Have the baseball re-authenticated.



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