How To Buy A Bicycle Tire Pump

Do you have a flat tire and you want to know how to buy a bicycle tire pump? Your bicycle tires can lose air and need to be refilled to get the best performance. It is a good idea to have a bicycle tire pump of your own at all times. Buying a bicycle tire pump is a simple thing to do.

Things You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Transportation
  • A bicycle
  • Credit card or cash


  1. Before you buy a bicycle tire pump, you need to decide what type of bicycle tire pump would be more convenient for your lifestyle. You could buy a portable bicycle tire pump and carry it on you on your bicycle trips. You could buy an electric bicycle pump for faster tire inflation. You can buy a bicycle tire pump that can be mounted to the frame of our bicycle. Regardless of what kind of bicycle tire pump you choose, the pump needs to match the valve on the bicycle. There are two kinds of valves on bicycles; French and American. Set and stick to a budget.
  2. It would be good to have more than one type of bicycle tire pump if you are a bicycle enthusiast. If you bicycle often, it would be a good idea to buy a portable bicycle pump to take with you on the road and an electric bicycle tire pump to keep in your garage.
  3. Make a search on the internet for bicycle tire pumps. Check out the different types of bicycle tire pumps and their prices. Look at reviews for the different types of tire pumps. Find a bicycle tire pump that fits your needs and budget. Make sure all internet sites you shop on are secure. Look for shopping discounts. Comparative shop at six online stores.
  4. Go to a couple local bike shops. Take a look at their bicycle tire pumps. Check out the prices and ask about the shop owner or manager about the bicycle tire pumps. Bicycle shop owners deal with bicycles every day and are often experts about bicycles. Compare the prices with the prices you found online. Ask which type of bicycle tire pump would be best for your bike.
  5. Go to local discount department stores. Check out their bicycle section. Check out the bicycle pumps. Check out the prices. They may be limited in their choices of bicycle tire pumps. Check them out anyway to see what is available for you in your neighborhood.
  6. Make a search at an online auction site for bicycle tire pumps. Compare the bicycle tire pumps and prices. Compare the prices to the other bicycle tire pumps you have already looked at. Check out the feedback of the sellers. Check out the shipping costs. Some sellers hide their prices in high shipping costs. You do not want to think you found a great deal on a bicycle tire pump, only to get ripped off.
  7. Decide where you will buy your bicycle tire pump. Buy more than one if you are a bicycle enthusiast. Pay for the bicycle tire pump and bring it home. If you bought online, wait for the bicycle tire pump to come in the mail.
  8. Try out your bicycle tire pump in your own garage. Deflate and inflate your bicycle tires to make sure you know what you are doing. You want to be ready on the road in case you need to pump up your tires. Make sure you also buy a bicycle tire repair kit to take with you in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Tips: Comparative shop. Buy a bicycle tire pump that fits your tires. Make sure online sites are secure. Learn how to use your bicycle tire pump. Learn the different types of bicycle tire pumps

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