How To Buy A BMX Bike

Want to know how to buy a BMX bike? BMX bikes are lightweight and sturdy. They are about half the weight of a freestyle bike. There are two types of BMX bikes. One BMX bike is for dirt jumping, the other BMX bike is a dirt motocross bike. This bike is for racing on a dirt track. Before you buy a BMX bike, you need to decide which of the two bikes you want to buy.

What you'll need:

  • Internet access
  • Transportation
  • Notebook and pen
  1. Decide which type of BMX bike you want to buy. Do you want to race on dirt tracks? Do you want to jump on the dirt? One BMX bike is for racing on the dirt tracks, while the other BMX bike is for jumping on the dirt track. Figure out which bike you want to buy for yourself or a family member. Write the information down in a notebook. Write down BMX brand names that interest you.
  2. Go online and make a search for BMX bikes. Check out the differences. Figure out what you want to do with your BMX bike. When you have the information, you are ready to buy the BMX bike.
  3. Go to a bike shop that deals in BMX bikes. Look over the bikes. Find a bike you are interested in buying. Jot down the information about the bike down in your notebook.
  4. Look online. Many stores have BMX bikes available. Decide if you want to buy a brand name BMX bike or a cheaper unnamed BMX bike. If you are a beginner, expect to pay two hundred dollars for a new beginner's BMX bike. You may find a better price at discount stores, but the quality will not compare. Decide for yourself what kind of BMX bike you want to buy.
  5. New model BMX bikes are expensive. They are the new item everybody wants to buy. You can buy an older model BMX bike and save big. Bike shops discount the older model BMX bikes when new models come in. Think seriously about buying a model one or two years old. You can buy a great BMX bike and save some cash.
  6. Once you decide on your bike, ask to try the bike out. Take it for a spin in the bike shop. The shop owner will let you try the bike out if they want to sell you the bike. Make sure the bike feels comfortable to you. Treat it like a pair of shoes or a new pair of pants. Make sure it fits you. When you find the right bike, buy it and enjoy the adventure on your new BMX bike.


  • Buy a name brand BMX bike.
  • Discount stores sell BMX bikes.
  • Search online for BMX bikes before you buy a bike.
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