How To Buy Boat Launching Wheels

Learning how to buy boat launching wheels can make your overall fishing experience much more rewarding. Having extra boat launching wheels available is a great idea whenever you’re out using your boat. Trying to nurse a flat boat tire home is not a fun task and can lead to doing a lot more damage to your boat trailer than just a flat tire! If you’re ready to learn how to purchase a set of boat launching wheels for your trailer, than take a quick look at what you’ll need.

To buy your own set of boat launching wheels, you’ll need the following:

  • An income source
  • Phone
  • Paper & pen
  • Basic knowledge of your boat trailer


  1. Determine what you need. The first step to purchasing your own set of boat launching wheels is to determine what type you need. Identify your type of boat and check with the company to see what type of boat launching wheels you’ll need. If you have trouble reaching the company, contact either the marina where you bought your boat or consult any manuals or paperwork you received when you purchased your boat. Either of these routes should lead you to finding exactly what type of boat launching wheels you’ll need for your trailer. When you’ve found out what you need, make sure to write it down and keep it in a safe place.
  2. Check with the locals. Before you hop into your truck and dash to the marina to purchase some boat wheels, check with some of your buddies first. If you and your buddies are fishing fools and proud boat owners, see if they have a spare boat launching wheel or two that will fit your trailer. These guys may also be able to point you in the right direction as to where to purchase the cheapest and best set of boat wheels for your trailer. If your buddies aren’t fishing fools, check your local paper or even yard sales. Many areas like these will have very cheap and very lightly used equipment for your boat and your tackle box!
  3. Consult the professionals. If you still haven’t found the avenue to purchasing your new set of boat launching wheels, than it’s time to visit your local marina. Take the information that you learned in step one and see what your local marina can offer. Many of these marinas may even have these launching wheels in-stock or can point you in the direction as to where you can purchase them. Marinas also have the ability to order directly from the manufacturer to help you get that old trailer fixed up with some new wheels.

If after exhausting each of these options and not meeting a great deal of success, there are other avenues that you can explore. If you have an old boat launching wheel that fits your trailer, than bring this with you when you visit your local marina. They may be able to find a set of boat launching wheels that is very comparable to what you’re looking for. If you can’t get the exact set of tires you need, try and choose to purchase a set of tires that are slightly bigger than what you need. Never buy a set that are smaller than what came with your trailer, they simply won’t work. Once you have your new set of wheels, go ahead and get them on your trailer so you can enjoy some quality time on the water!

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