How To Buy A Boat Trailer Tag In Georgia

As a resident you will need to know how to buy a boat trailer tag in Georgia if you wish to use the trailer. It is required by law that all mobile equipment such as boat trailers must be registered with the state or county.

  1. Register your boat title with the tag and title department. You will need this title to get the trailer tag for your boat. The clerk will need information such as this registration number for your boat in the same manner as if you were getting a tag for your car. You must have a valid title for your boat to get this tag. If you boat is not registered with the state of Georgia you cannot receive a Georgia trailer tag.
  2. Become a registered vessel operator. It is required that you have a boat license in order to operate your boat. Without this credential you will not receive this boat tag. Without this certification, you cannot operate your boat. If you are stopped on the water without this credential you will be subject to hefty fines. Depending on county and fees for each county it can be within the hundreds. Obtaining the license simply takes passing an exam such as the written test you passed in order to get your driver's license. Fees also apply in obtaining this license.
  3. Apply for your boat tag. You can do this at your local county courthouse tag department or online. You can apply online at the Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Additional fees are applied to online applications along with tag fees. These fees vary by county.


Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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