How To Buy Boats And Yachts In Hong Kong

If you're visiting Asia, learning to buy boats and yachts in Hong Kong can be useful, especially if boating is your forte. As enjoyable as boating can be, getting a good deal while in Hong Kong is just as important. follow these simple tips and you will be on your way to buying a boat or yacht in Hong Kong.

  1. Look online and find a list of shops in Hong Kong which sell boats and yachts. Make sure of your area and your surroundings so you can exactly pin point it's location.
  2. Visit local markets and vendors, as such in a flea market. Here you may be able to find used boats and yachts in Hong Kong at  very reasonable prices. However, if you're just visiting and are looking to purchase, be aware of any exchanges in currencies as prices can be heavily inflated.
  3. Stroll along the coastline. Look for boat shops, or boats and yachts that may be displayed in marinas or docking areas. Ask people you come in contact with if they know of any boat and yacht dealers in or around Hong Kong. You never know you may be able to help you out. Just remember, unless you're fluent in Chinese, expect to have a language barrier in that direct translations might not be perfect. Always consult a translator if necessary.
  4. Know your rights as a buyer. While most stores in the U.S. have return policies, other countries, including the region of Hong Kong, might not hold up the same way. So always make sure you ask before you buy.

The coastline of Hong Kong is quite vast, and having a boat or a yacht can be a relaxing way to enjoy the region. Enjoy the food, culture, and boating while in Hong Kong.

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