How To Buy Boob Cake Pans

Learn about how to buy boob cake pans to make hilarious cakes for all occasions. Boob cake pans are just what they sound like: molded metal cake pans that resemble female breasts. Serve a boob cake at a bachelor party or whip one up to serve at the climax of a movie or at the end of the big game. A boob cake pan usually takes one prepared cake mix so they're easy to make. Just be sure to oil and flour the boob cake pan so the boobs don't stick when you flip her over to add the frosting. Top off the boob cake with a couple of cherries strategically placed, and they'll be fighting over the prime pieces.

To buy boob cake pans, you will need:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Credit Card
  1. Log onto the Internet. Find your favorite search engine and type "adult cake pan" or "boob cake pan" into the search bar. Take a look at the results that appear. There are even boob cupcake pans. If you select book cupcake pans, each guest can have his own matching set of boobs. What more could a guy want?
  2. Choose a boob cake pan. Look at several of the boob cake pans to get an idea of which one suits your fancy. Every guy is different, just like every girl is. Some boobs are full and pointy while others are smaller, and others still sag just a bit. Check them all out to make sure you find the boob cake pan that's right for you.
  3. Add to the cart. After you've selected boob cake pans that are just right for you, add it to the cart. Use your credit card to buy the boob cake pan and wait for it to arrive. Before you know it, you'll be eat boob cake as often as you want.
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