How To Buy A Bowling Ball

If you enjoy bowling and you have decided it's time to find out how to buy a bowling ball, this article contains a few ideas to help you out. While you need to know what color you want your ball to be, there are also a lot of other things to consider. There is a certain amount of science behind the way bowling balls function, and finding the right ball for your game lets you use that science to your advantage.

The things you need to consider when buying a bowling ball are:

  1. Color and design. You can get anything from a basic black bowling ball to a bowling ball with your favorite team logo or an alien ball with flames on it. Choosing the color and design scheme gives you a chance to display your personality through the ball.
  2. Ball type. Some balls are designed as all-purpose bowling balls while others have extra hook to curve around for picking up splits, and still others go pretty straight with very little hook. If you only plan to get one ball, look for an all-purpose ball.
  3. Price. Bowling balls are available in a wide variety of price points with some being well over $200, so have an idea of how much you are comfortable spending before you start shopping.
  4. Ball weight. While each person should try out the weights for themselves before buying a new ball, general bowling ball weight guidelines are available. Expect a ball weighing between six and eight pounds to be ideal for a child, between twelve and fourteen pounds for a woman's bowling ball, and fifteen or sixteen pounds for a man's bowling ball. Don't get a ball that's too heavy for you, or you could hurt your arm and shoulder trying to roll it.
  5. Hole drilling. You need to know, before you purchase the new ball, if the company selling the ball provides drilling service and how much extra it costs. If references are available, check them. Improperly drilled holes can rub blisters on your fingers and can make you roll a bad game.

After you have considered these points, and maybe visited a local bowling alley to test the weight of some balls to see what you need, you can buy bowling balls through some bowling alleys, at sporting goods stores, and over the Internet.

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