How To Buy A Bra For Your Girlfriend

If you plan on giving your girlfriend an intimate gift of lingerie or intimate apparel, you should know how to buy a bra for your girlfriend. Before you embark upon the bra-buying quest, make sure that your relationship with her is intimate enough to warrant giving her a bra—hint: a bra isn’t a good first gift.

  1. Know her bra size. You can find this out by looking at the band of her bra. You may have to sneak into her dresser drawer or her dirty laundry to find this information out. Or, if you have a mutual female friend who can keep a secret, you can ask her. If you can’t find out her size, you can go to a store that has bra fitting specialists and get one of them to help, although a better option may be a certificate for a bra fitting a bra purchase. Contrary to popular belief, comparing the breast to a piece of fruit doesn’t always yield a proper fitting bra.
  2. Find a bra style she will like and use. If your girlfriend is sporty, consider purchasing a sports bra. If your girlfriend likes frilly, girly clothes, a lace bra may be a good option. Unless your girlfriend is a ‘practical-gifts-only’ girl, don’t buy her a plain bra, such as an 18 hour bra.
  3. Select a color for the bra. Black and red are two popular colors, but bras are available in a variety of prints and solids. Think about your girlfriend’s clothing and choose a color that she is likely to wear.

Leave package unopened, the tags on the bra and place the receipt with it in case she needs to return or exchange it. A bra is considered intimate apparel and usually can’t be returned unless the package the bra came in is closed, if applicable. All tags have to be on the bra and in most cases, a receipt is required to return or exchange the bra.

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