How To Buy A Car Amp

Need to know how to buy a car amp that is right for you? You need to know that you are buying a car amp that will go perfectly with your sound system. Below are some tips that will show you how and what to look for in an amp.

  1. Make sure nothing is missing or damaged on the amp. Inspect the car amps, especially if you buy them used, before purchasing them. You don't want to pay for an amp that is missing screws or is damaged in any way. Independent store owners like pawnshops will try to pass these types of car amps on to you if you're not paying attention.
  2. Buy a brand-name car amp. Get names like JBL, Kicker, Earthquake or Memphis. These brands believe in quality and that is exactly what you want. This way you don't have to worry about your amp failing weeks later.
  3. Make sure you know what channel amp you need. If you have two or fewer speakers, a two-channel amp will be just fine. But if you have three to four speakers in your car, you will need a four-channel car amp.
  4. Get the right wattage amp for your car sound system. If you have two- to twelve-inch car speakers, it is a good idea to have a car amplifier that is at least 1,000 watts. This is to make sure that the amp will be able to handle the power from the speakers. Note that this is just a general rule; there can be rare exceptions.
  5. Make sure the amp is tested before you leave the store. This is good practice and should be done all the time. You definitely want to do this if you are buying the car amp used. There are many places out there that will sell you an amp used without testing it. These same places will also state that the amps are sold "as is," with no refund after you buy.
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