How To Buy A Car Battery

It's important for any car owner to know how to buy a car battery.  The car battery is necessary for your car to run.  If you buy the wrong battery, it will do you no good, so it's important to know what you're looking for. 

  1. Size.  Make sure you get the right size battery for your car.  Your car manual should tell you what size, or the employees at the auto store should be able to tell you what size you need.  The four basic sizes are 75, 65, 34 and 32. 
  2. Climate.  This is important if you live in a cold climate. If you don't, then don't bother reading this section.  Batteries made for cold weather are called cold cranking amps, or CCAs.  These work in freezing temperatures and are important to have if the weather in your area gets below freezing.
  3. Life Span.  Check and see how long the manufacturer says the car battery can last before it needs replacing.  Obviously, the longer the life span the better.
  4. Shelf Life.  It's important to get a car battery with a short shelf life.  You don't want to get a car battery that's been sitting on the shelf for over six months.  There will be a shipping date code.  It will consist of a letter and number.  The letter represents the month.  A stands for January, B means February, C is March, and so on.  The number represents the year.  So, for example, A9 would be January 2009. 
  5. Warranty.  The free replacement period on the car battery is more important than the months that the battery is covered.  A longer free replacement period is to your advantage. 
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