How To Buy A Car In Germany

Want to learn how to buy a car in Germany? Germany is Europe’s leading exporter of vehicles and is the fifth largest economy in the world. Buying a car in Germany can be expensive, but the process can be completed if you obtain information from the right sources. Of course, you’ll have to travel to Germany to buy a car in Germany.

Things you'll need:

  • Passport
  1. Apply for a passport to travel to Germany. Arrive in Germany and be ready to purchase your car.
  2. Read American newspapers and auto magazines to help you buy a car in Germany. Select the car you want to buy from newspapers or auto magazines. Decide if you want to buy a used or new car. Consider buying a car from a private owner in Germany to save money. Visit car lots or private owners that have the car you want to buy. Keep in mind that the price you see on the car is the price you will have to pay for the car.
  3. Try to contact English speaking car salespersons to help you buy a car in Germany. Have a photo handy of the type of car you want to buy. Take into consideration the fact that most car dealers in Germany will require you to pay cash for the car you plan to buy. Ask to test drive the vehicle. In most cases the salesman will not ride in the car with you during the test drive.
  4. Do a basic inspection. Hire a mechanic to inspect the car for you if you do not know how to inspect the car yourself. Remember that in Germany that there is a one year warranty on all used car sales so ask the dealer for additional information. Look for the mileage, the model, the year and the number of owners if you are buying a used car to help you make a better buying decision.
  5. Pay cash for the car you plan to buy in Germany. Internal financing is available by car manufacturers if you do not have cash. They do have better rates than most banks in Germany on new cars. Pay for your car and enjoy driving your car in Germany.
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