How To Buy A Car In India

Are you planning to live overseas for a while and want to know how to buy a car in India? You can buy a car in India, but you must do extensive research to complete the process because you’ll have to travel. India sells the world’s smallest and cheapest car, which is named the Tata Nano. This car costs about $2,500.00 in US currency. Keep in mind that India is a very populated country and the citizens drive on the left side of the road, so be extremely careful while you are driving.

  1. Visit your local post office to help you buy a car in India if you do not have a passport book. Fill out a Passbook Application Form completely and make sure you indicate on the application that you will be traveling to India and that you want to apply for a visa. Pay your passport book fees and wait for your passport book to be mailed to you, which may take four to six weeks. Contact the Indian Embassy in the U.S. to get your visa.
  2. Contact the US Department of State to help you buy car in India. Call (877) 487-2778 and ask the representative which areas in India are approved for US citizens to travel. Ask the representatives for travel warnings and additional tips and review them carefully. Prepare and get ready to take your trip.
  3. Arrive in India. Take into consideration all the information that you have learned from the government agencies as you begin the buying process. Get a list of India's car manufacturers (i.e. Maruti Suzuki, Hindustan Motors, Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra etc.).Use this list as a way to contact car dealers.
  4. Talk to car dealers. Ask for a catalog and do some basic research to help you decide what kind of car you want to buy. Evaluate the conditions of the cars by hiring a mechanic to inspect the car and go with him on a test drive. Check the VIN numbers with local and state authorities to make sure the car is not stolen.
  5. Decide where you’re going to keep it. Decide if you want to keep your car in India or have it shipped to the United States. You are required to fill out a lot of paperwork if you want to have it shipped out of the country. Select the kind of car you want to buy and make your purchase. Use this strategy to purchase any kind of car in India.
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