How To Buy A Car In Japan

Need to know how to buy a car in Japan? You can buy a car in Japan, but the paperwork that is needed to complete this task is enormous. The process is very time consuming and labor intensive if you decide to do it by yourself. You will be dealing with import and export laws from Japan and the United States. Also, each country is going to tax you differently for exporting and importing this car. There is a way to complete the process, put you have to have a plan.

  1. Research the rules and regulations for buying a car in Japan. Find out what the requirements are according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Submit a letter to the NHTSA stating that you or your import agent wants to import a car from Japan. Contact the car manufacturer in Japan and ask for the address, phone number, province or city and the type of cars that they manufacture, along with the seventeen-digit VIN number that identifies the car you plan to purchase.
  2. Mail this information to the NHTSA to help you buy a car in Japan. Wait to receive the paperwork back from the NHTSA. Receive the information back from the NHTSA stating that it is legal and okay for you to purchase this car from Japan. Prepare yourself to pay for the car and pay import and export taxes in both countries.
  3. Call the car manufacturer in Japan. Let them know that you have received approval in the United States to buy the car and have it shipped to the United States. Send the car manufacturer the documentation from the NHTSA. Have the manufacturer send you the pricing information and all legal and tax information that is needed to purchase this car from Japan. Contact a lawyer that knows the import and export laws between Japan and the United States and make your purchase based on your lawyer’s advice.
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