How To Buy A Car In Mexico

You can learn how to buy a car in Mexico but it will be a very expensive and time consuming process. If you can speak Spanish or know someone who can speak Spanish, this will help you in the process. Also, you have to be careful about what kind of car you are going to buy from Mexico and which company you are going to buy this car from because you want to make sure that the car you buy is not stolen.

Things you'll need:

  • List of Mexican Car Manufacturers.
  • A car mechanic to inspected the car.
  • Government Approvals to ship in US.
  1. Find Mexican car companies that are registered with the US government agencies to sell cars in the US to help you buy a car in Mexico. Contact the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Transportation to make sure you can legally purchase the car you want and have it shipped to the United States. Request the car’s VIN number and submit it to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and ask them to run a check to make sure the vehicle is not stolen.
  2.  Fill out all the necessary paperwork that is required by all governments in Mexico and the US to help you by a car in Mexico. Hire an attorney that specializes in Mexican and US border import and export laws to speed up the process. Find an import company in the US that has a track record of importing cars from Mexico to the US and hire them to ship the car for you.
  3.  Prepare to spend a large sum of money to buy a car in Mexico.  Pay all taxes and fees that are required by US government and the Mexican government. Contact the car company you planned to buy the car from and let them know that your import agent is ready to have the car shipped to the US. Send the money to the Mexican car company to pay for the car.
  4.  Get all the paperwork back from the Mexican car company stating that you have legally purchased a car in Mexico.  Contact the US Customs and Border Patrol and let the office know that you are importing a car from Mexico. Inform the office of the expected arrival date and submit all required paperwork that they request from you.
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