How To Buy Cat Food Online

It may be more convenient to learn how to buy cat food online than it is to go to the store each time you need it, but it can be prohibitively expensive if you buy it in large quantities. The weight of the average cat food bag and the cost of packaging and handling can add a lot to the cost of buying it online. In many cases, the shipping charges will be nearly as much as the food itself. However, there is a way to buy cat food online and to avoid paying any shipping costs.

  1. Sign up with for Amazon Prime. The Amazon Prime membership is $79 per year and it allows you to have free two-day shipping on anything that Amazon sells. This won't include third-party sellers who sell cat food through Amazon, but it will include the dozens of cat food that Amazon does sell. With Amazon Prime, you can buy cat food online in large or small quantities whenever you choose and never pay shipping or handling costs. 
  2. Buy cat food online through Amazon in any quantity you need. The site will ship one single can of cat food if that's all you need, a 50-pound bag or anything in between. With no shipping for any of these options, it's likely cheaper to buy cat food online through Amazon than to go to the store and pay transportation costs and local taxes.
  3. Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime if you aren't sure you would use it often to buy cat food online. For one month, it's free to try out. If you cancel before the month is over, you don't pay for the yearly fee. If you decide to keep it and pay for a year's subscription, you can purchase your cat litter, collars and anything else through Amazon and not pay any shipping.



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