How To Buy Cheap Football Helmets

You are on a budget and you want to know how to buy cheap football helmets. Buying cheap football helmets is an easy thing to do. When you buy cheap football helmets, you want to try to find the best quality helmet for the cheapest price. You do not want to give up on quality to get a cheap price on your football helmet.

Things You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Credit card
  • Transportation
  • Telephone
  • newspaper
  1. Make a search on eBay to see what the choices of football helmets they have on their site. Do not put cheap football helmets in the search bar. Instead put football helmets In the search bar and see what eBay has to offer. Before you buy a cheap football helmet on eBay make sure you check out the shipping costs and the buyer’s feedback. High shipping costs will make a cheap football helmet a more expensive football helmet.
  2. Go to yard sales around your area. Check to see if anybody is selling used football equipment. Often, parents sell their children’s football equipment when they no longer need it. Some of the parents also get rid of their own football equipment once they no longer need it. You may find a very nice cheap football helmet at a local yard sale.
  3. Go to flea markets in your area. Ask around. There might be somebody at the flea market who sells used football equipment. They may have a bunch of football helmets you can take a look at. Check out the football helmets and barter with the owner. You can often barter and get great prices at a flea market. You may find a nice cheap football helmet at a local flea market.
  4. Go to a used sporting goods store. Ask the manager if he has any football helmets in stock. Tell him what you need and find out if he has it. Look at the football helmets and see if any of them fit your needs. When you find a helmet, look at the price. Sometimes you can barter with the manager. You may find a very nice cheap football helmet at a local used sporting goods store.
  5. Look in your local newspaper. Go to the section where people sell things. It may be called marketplace or something similar. It depends on the newspaper. See if anybody is selling football helmets. Call them and make an offer on their helmet. You may find a cheap football helmet through your local paper.


  • Look for quality when you buy cheap football helmets
  • Ask for assistance when looking for cheap football helmets.
  • Barter for a cheaper price
  • Watch shipping costs
  • It is better to buy a helmet in person than online. You want to try it on yourself or your child.
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