How To Buy Cologne For Men

There are several reasons why you may want to learn how to buy cologne for men. Perhaps you want to do something nice for a friend who helped you with a problem. Maybe the man in question is your special guy and you love the way he smells when the two of you get close. You may want to learn how to buy cologne so you can get your brother, uncle or father a gift you know he will use. Whatever your reason, there are several easy ways to buy cologne for men and get one he is sure to like.

  1. Take the direct approach. Ask him to tell you the name of his favorite cologne. Men are much more comfortable with a direct approach rather than a lot of hinting around in an attempt to get answers. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have your answer and can begin searching the local stores.
  2. Check his medicine cabinet. This is where most men keep their favorite colognes and aftershave. If the idea is to surprise him with a gift for his birthday or some other special occasion, taking a look in the medicine cabinet is the easiest way to get answers without arousing suspicion. If the guy travels, you can also take a look inside his toiletries bag, which he probably keeps tucked away in his luggage in the hall closet.
  3. Consider his likes and dislikes. If the idea is to buy the guy something other than what he normally wears, don’t choose the cologne based on what you like. If he likes to play sports and prefers casual dress, then go with cologne that has a natural woodsy aroma. For the suit-and-power-tie types, you can go with something that is more cosmopolitan. Matching the scent with his preferred way of living will go a long way toward making the cologne a hit with him.
  4. Compare prices. Once you have the name of the cologne, spend some time looking for the best price. Check all the local stores, including pharmacies and discount retailers. Not all the favorite scents are found at high-end department stores. Along with local stores, don’t forget to look for scents online. Today, online stores offer pricing that is better than anything you can manage locally. When buying cologne online, always look for deals on the shipping costs as well as the price of the product. More and more online sellers are offering free shipping if your order is over a certain amount. Depending on the price of the cologne, buying just a few more dollars worth of products may save you a great deal on the shipping.

Make sure you know the difference between cologne and aftershave lotion. While both are scented, cologne is stronger. If your guy is used to using aftershave, you may have to teach him that a little cologne goes a long way.

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