How To Buy Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots add a level of back-country casual to any outfit so whether you’re looking for a pair for daily wear or to supplement your wardrobe, knowing how to buy cowboy boots assures you’ll get a pair that fit and look great. Like any shoe, the most important thing to look for is a boot that fits your foot shape. Cowboy boots can be tricky to fit, though, because they are more rigid than most shoes or boots. Many people believe that cowboy boots are just supposed to be uncomfortable, but this isn’t true. If you know what you’re looking for, you can find a pair of boots that will wear comfortably and leave your feet blister and bruise free.

  1. Quality In general, buying lower quality boots is going to up your chances of getting a pair that hurt your feet. Better materials and more time spent on perfecting shoe shape leads to a more comfortable boot that only high quality companies can offer. Do some research online or talk to a boot store representative to find the highest quality boot that fits your price range.
  2. Overall Fit When trying on cowboy boots, the first thing to check is how the bottom of your foot fits into the boot shape. Stand up in the boots. Does your heel rest snugly in the heel of the boot? Does the arch of the boot follow the arch of your foot? Does the ball of your foot fit well in the widest part of the boot’s sole? If any of these are off–particularly the ball of your foot–go up or down half a shoe size. Because cowboy boots don’t have a tightening mechanism such as laces, it is essential that you find a boot that fits your foot snugly all over.
  3. Toe Fit Wiggle your toes around while wearing a pair of cowboy boots. Your toes should have some wiggle room, but if the ball of your foot is wiggling along with them, the toe box of the boots is too big for your feet. Think about how thick of socks you are planning to wear with these boots and factor that into toe box size.
  4. Opt for Bigger When it comes down to it, it’s possible you aren’t going to find a boot that fits 100% perfectly. If that’s the case, opt for bigger size rather than a smaller size. A boot that is too small for your feet is never going to fit well and will end up damaging your foot. The fit of a bigger boot, on the other hand, can be altered by wearing thicker socks.
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