How To Buy Custom Billiard Balls

Whether you are a pool shark or just want to look like one, you may want to know how to buy custom billiard balls. A couple of centuries ago, pool balls were made with wood; now balls are made for performance, and custom pool balls make you look good while playing with them. Custom balls are also a great gift for that friend who has or wants everything.

You will need: 

  • a computer
  • internet
  1. Go to a website site that sells custom made and personalized pool balls. There are a number of specialty websites out there in which you can purchase your billiard balls including After choosing your online store of choice, check out the site and get some ideas for the custom billiard balls you would like.
  2. Choose the kind of balls you want. When you buy a set of custom billiard balls you get to choose from a wide array of fun balls. Our personal favorites are the trippy glo balls, but there are a number of others to choose from including tournament professional, marbleized, marbleized glo, pearlescent and clear balls.
  3. Decide if you want your balls personalized. Maybe you want to go above and beyond some pyschedelic pool balls, so why not. Now you have to choose what balls you want to break, whether it be your favorite sports team (ahem Green Bay) or alma mater, or personalize them even further with gentlemanly monogram or business name or logo. When buying from, there is a $50 set up fee and a minimum purchase order of $300.
  4. Click the amount of sets you want and press order. It's as easy as that! A set of marbleized pool balls will cost around $125 plus tax. We suggest checking out Amazon and eBay to try and get some deals. Personalized custom billiard ball will change according to which balls you want and what you want engraved.
  5. Look like the Cool Hand Luke while playing pool with your kick ass new custom billiards set. 


Buying a set of custom billiard balls alone will not make you a world class pool player. 

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