How To Buy Cycling Shorts

Whether you are a beginning cyclist or a veteran, you'll want to know how to buy cycling shorts.  A good pair can make your long rides more comfortable by providing good ventilation and padding where you need it most.   Find out how to buy the best cycling shorts for your budget here.

What you'll need:

  • access to a selection of cycling shorts
  • money
  • a little time
  1. Pleasing your budget and your behind.  Good quality cycling shorts will cost an average of $60.  Better quality shorts will cost more, and cheaper shorts will cost less.   There's a fine line between cost and comfort in the selection, but when buying cycling shorts, you should always choose comfort over cost.
  2. Cycling short material.   Most cycling shorts are made from a variety of materials, with an emphasis placed on breathable fabrics that will wick away sweat.   Choose the fabric that feels most comfortable to you.  Skin types vary, so what may be right for one person will not be right for another.
  3. Choosing your chamois.  The most important part of cycling shorts is the chamois, or inner padding.  The chamois can be made up of a number of different materials and be in the form of a variety of shapes and sizes.  A few things to look for in a good chamois is whether or not the fabric is treated to resist bacteria, if the chamois is good quality, if the chamois is breathable and in a shape that is comfortable to your body.  Again, when learning how to buy cycling shorts, comfort is the key. No two physiques are the same, so a pair that is perfect for your buddy may be all wrong for you.  Buy for comfort.
  4. The perfect fit.  Buy cycling shorts that fit the way you want.  Most are snug, but don't buy a pair that feels binding or uncomfortable.  Be sure that the lines fit your body, and that they do not bunch up in places or ride up.
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