How To Buy Diamond Earrings For Men

Buying diamond earrings for men is a simple task if you follow these four rules. Rule number one. Bigger isn't always better. Rule number two, leave those gaudy monstrosities alone. Three. Keep the style simple. Finally, when it comes to buying diamond earrings for men, certain shapes work well with certain face types. Knowing the types of shapes will help you to make a better decision on your purchase.

  1. Bigger isn't always better. When buying earrings for men, you need to realize that guys don't need earrings to stand out as much as women's designs do. Ear size is important too. Men's earrings shouldn't be too big. The smaller the ear, the smaller the size of the earring. Nothing looks more bizarre than a guy walking around with these huge rocks weighing down his ears. Women look better with larger styled earrings because they use earrings as accessories to outfits more than guys do.
  2. Leave those gaudy monstrosities alone. If the you see an earring and you think to yourself "damn, that thing just stands out too much," then it probably does. It's ok for the things to be super luminous. The diamond's cut determines how luminous a diamond is. When you buy a diamond earring for a guy, you want the thing to sparkle. What you don't want is for the earring to stand out so much that it takes attention away from the rest of his outfit. You've seen those ugly creations. So, please don't buy diamond earrings for men that can double as flashlights. Just stay away.
  3. Simple is better. When buying diamond earrings for a guy think just that. He's a dude. You know how it's a bad move to spray a ton of cologne all over yourself? It's equally a bad move to to wear complex rocks on your earlobes. As stated earlier, the diamonds should not take away attention from the overall ensemble of his outfit. The diamonds should be so slight, that the only time they're really noticed is when light hits them and makes them sparkle.
  4. Certain shapes for certain faces. I bet you didn't think buying diamond earrings for a guy could possibly be this complicated. The theme of this article is using certain accessories to enhance an overall look a guy is sporting. So, matching earring shapes to facial structures is somewhat important. But, because we're talking about guys, its no where near as complicated as dealing with women's earrings. There's only two shapes guys need to worry about. Square shapes and circular shapes are all we need to worry about. People with rather symmetrical faces can wear either type. Longer faces look better with smaller square shaped earrings. Round faces look better with square shaped earrings. Square shaped earrings are said to add symmetry to your face.
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