How To Buy A Dining Room Table

Every homeowner needs to know  how to buy a dining room table, especially new homeowners who are in need of a dining room table. Not all dining room tables are a like nor are the rooms they will occupy. Never buy any large household item without narrowing down your options and choices. This will save valuable time and eliminate a lot of confusion.

  1. Measure. Before you go out to buy a dining room table, you should measure your dining room.
  2. Material. You should also decide what type of material you want your  table constructed out of. If you want wood, you must decide what type of wood and what color finish you want before you even attempt to buy a dining room table. You should also decide if you want to buy a new, used, or antique table. 
  3. New dining room tables. To buy a dining room table that is new, you should look for sales in furniture stores. You could also find a furniture warehouse that is known for selling quality furniture at a reasonable price . Ask sales people at furniture warehouses when they are expecting new stock. Usually old stock will be discounted when the new stock is expected or shortly there after. 
  4. Estate or yard sale. If you are not interested in a brand new dining room table, an estate or yard sale is a great option. Since most people hate to move large items like a dining room table, you can usually get a great deal when you decide to buy a dining room table at an estate or yard sale. Be sure to look for abrasions or scaring on the table, especially on the legs or edge of the table.
  5. Auctions are a great place to buy a dining room table. Look for auctions that are not strictly furniture auctions. Furniture buyers usually gravitate to furniture auctions, so an auction with a smattering of furniture often turns out to be a great place to buy a dining room table.
  6. Online More and more furniture dealers are selling online, but if you are going to buy a dining room table online, you need to know exactly what you are buying. Make sure there are no hidden surprises. Only shop from highly rated dealers and do ask questions about any damage or scaring. When buying from online dealers, keep in mind that shipping costs can be cost prohibitive. Some dealers don't ship and insist that you pick the furniture up. If this is the case, make sure the dealer is close by, otherwise the cost of picking the dining room table up can exceed the selling price.
  7. Used furniture or antique shops are another great option when you decide to buy a dining room table. Used furniture stores buy everything and often don't have time to sort out the really valuable from the just ordinary. Here's where having knowledge of woods and designs is critical.
  8. Antique dealers know furniture. Although you may not get a steal when you decide to buy a dining room table from an antique dealer, you may find a high quality table at an acceptable price.
  9. Private shop owners are often more personable than sales people in large corporate stores and you may establish a great rapport that will be an asset when you need another piece of furniture. Good antique dealers will keep an eye out for that particular item you are searching for and contact you when they find it.



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