How To Buy A Dog Grooming Van

Buying a dog grooming van can be an expensive deal, to be sure, and that means that you have to get things right the first time. The results of getting things wrong could be an unreliable means of transport, a damaged business plan or even a multi-1000 dollar loan that you have no real way to pay back. Since you will, no doubt, want to avoid that unpleasant set of possible circumstances lets look at how you can by a dog grooming van the right way. Then you can start your business, and groom your pets in both style and ease.

  1. Get funding. This means writing up a business plan and finding a bank to back you, or getting a private investor. This is an important first step if you want to be able to pay for your van, or shop well, since you cant shop if you do not know what your budget is. This will be a matter of the how much you can get approved for, how good your credit is and who your funders are. You may also want to consider keeping some of your start up money for marketing and other expenses.
  2. Do not try to modify a standard van. Not unless you happen to know a mechanic and a plumber who owe you a big favor. Oh, and don't forget about the guys at the inspection station. For most of us, this is simply not a winning proposition. It will require more then the costs of buying a used pet grooming van.
  3. Begin your search. This will begin with the internet. There are several dealers online that sell pet grooming vans. Find the location of a few that are local and begin browsing the selections online. You will want to look at the three big factors: price, age and features. When you find at least two suitable dealers you can move on to the onsite comparisons. Bring a mechanic and have the vehicle assessed before you sign anything. If you cannot bring a mechanic to you, then you should ask them to let you borrow any serious candidates for a look over. The odds are that you will get to do this only once or twice per dealership and you may need to pay for the mechanics time.
  4. Make your decision. This is going to be a very personal one that will be based on the costs and condition of your options. Once you know for sure, you will need to make the purchase from a reputable dealer.
  5. Obtain the insurance. It needs to be covered by both your automobile insurance and your business insurance to be on the safe side. This will need to be done, in most states, at the same time that you make the purchase. This can usually be taken care of with a phone call to your insurance companies.
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