How To Buy Euros

If you are traveling to Europe, then you need to know how to buy Euros. Consider buying a few hundred dollars worth before you travel. Doing this will save you stress once you arrive at a foreign country and discover you have no money for the cab ride to the hotel. Below are a few places to buy Euros.

  1. American Express. Local American Express locations offer foreign currency exchange.
  2. Banks. Most large banks offer currency exchange where you can buy Euros. However, call your bank in advance and ask them if they have Euros on hand or if they have to be ordered. More banks these days are requiring that you order your foreign currency in advance.
  3. AAA. AAA also offers a foreign currency exchange. However, you must be a AAA member.  Again, it is wise to call in advance and ask if they keep Euros on hand.
  4. Various currency exchange companies. Most large airports have currency exchange places where you can buy Euros. Be warned, however, that they charge a hefty fee for exchanging dollars to Euros, and a fee when you return and exchange Euros to dollars. Often times, they will waive the exchange fee if you exchange your money back again with them, but save your receipt.
  5. ATM machines. If you need to buy Euros when you are over in Europe, you can get a pretty good exchange rate using an ATM machine. Use your ATM card at a large bank, select how many Euros you want to withdrawal and out pops your currency. Make sure that you have done the currency conversion before your start the withdrawal purpose.

No matter where you are in Europe, nearly every major city has numerous areas in which you can exchange currency. If you cannot find one, don't be afraid to ask someone.

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