How To Buy Fake Gold Jewelry

Want to learn about how to buy fake gold jewelry? You actually want to buy fake gold jewelry? I wish I had some to sell you. I'm kidding—there are reasons why someone would want to buy fake gold. You can buy it for yourself or you can resell it to make money. You just need to inform the person you are selling to that it is not real. You will understand from this article where fake gold jewelry can be bought, for whatever your reason you may have.

  1. Buy fake gold from the flea market. Flea markets are notorious for selling fake gold to customers. If you really want fake gold go there and don't have your jewelry checked, it will either be totally fake or it will be some extremely low karat like 7 or 8.
  2. Buy fake gold off of eBay. This site does have auctions up selling fake gold jewelry, but at least they let you know here. You can buy it to use for yourself or you can purchase it to give as a gift to a small child.
  3. Go to a yard sale. Not only can you find and buy fake gold jewelry at yard sales, but you can get it at probably the lowest prices possible. Go to different ones buying fake gold at pennies on the dollar to resell.
  4. Purchase in bulk from overseas. There are many Asian suppliers that will be happy to accommodate you in buying fake jewelry. Find these sites or networks online and work out a bulk deal transaction. You can make a lot of money with this, if you can can find a supplier that has unbelievable deals.
  5. Post an ad in classifieds. Place an ad in a local publication, stating that you will buy fake gold jewelry in cold hard cash. This will get a lot of attention, because there is a lot of people with fake gold jewelry out there, who can't wait to get rid of it.


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