How To Buy A Female Motorcycle

Need to know how to buy a female motorcycle? While motorcycles aren’t necessarily made specifically for men or women, there are certain things to look for when you buy a motorcycle for a female rider. In contrast to men, most women have a smaller build and possibly have a bit less physical strength.

  1. To buy a motorcycle for a female rider, you will first need to decide what size of bike and how much power to choose. Experts say that the power isn’t as important to a female rider as are the measurements of the bike. The height as well as the weight of the motorcycle comprise two important factors for maneuvering and riding safely. Be sure that you can hold the motorcycle up while standing flat footed without any trouble. Anywhere from a 200cc to an 800 could be appropriate for a female motorcycle rider as long as the weight is low enough.
  2. Look at the available brands. You may already have a preference, but you will have to be sure that the maker provides a good fit for women. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Harley Davidson are some of the most popular motorcycle makers. However, some of the manufacturers may produce too much horsepower for you or provide too heavy a weight for a beginner bike. After you get accustomed to riding the smaller weight, you can always upgrade to a different maker, if you’d like.
  3. Go around to dealerships to test motorcycles for yourself before you buy. No matter where you plan on buying the motorcycle, it is a good idea to go to several dealerships and sales lots to do some hands-on research. Sit on the machine to get a feel for stability and handling; decide whether or not you can manage it while standing flat on your feet. Remember to look for low cycle weight and longer handlebars to fit your body size.
  4. Don’t forget the female rider motorcycle apparel and gear to go with the new ride. High quality leather provides the best protection. Having street pants and a jacket made of leather will protect better than normal denim in case of an accident. Leather is less likely to shred or tear so that your skin stays unexposed and undamaged. Excellent leather motorcycle apparel can be found online or in stores. However, if you are simply looking to buy fashionable riding gear, there are places all around that sell gear for making a fashion statement.  Essential accessories and protection that should be considered are a helmet, gloves, eye protection and a jacket.
  5. After the purchase, join as many clubs as you would like. There are several female motorcycle riders' clubs that will allow you to socialize with and learn from other female riders around the globe. Some of the clubs go on annual motorcycle trips, participate in "ride for a cause" events and do performance shows like parades and other promotional festivities. Online or within your local community, there is sure to be a club that feels perfect to you.

More and more women are becoming motorcyclists and overcoming the stigmas of the past. When you decide to buy a motorcycle for a female rider, take the advice above and choose wisely. You will soon be on your way to brand new adventures among a sisterhood of new friends with the wind blowing in your hair.

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