How To Buy Furniture In Fable 2

Knowing how to buy furniture in Fable 2 is a critical part of the game. When you can buy a house and get married, you will want to know how to buy furniture in Fable 2 to fill that house.

Here are some items you will need before you start learning how to buy furniture in Fable 2:

  • X-Box 360
  • X-Box 360 Controller
  • Television
  • Fable 2 Game Disc

Once you have gathered all of these items, it is time to start learning how to buy furniture in Fable 2.

  1. Buy a house. The first step is having a place to put that furniture. You cannot buy anything from a furniture store until you have purchased a house. Any house works as long it is not the gypsy wagon.
  2. Travel to Bowerstone or Bloodstone. Bowerstone and Bloodstone are the two towns in Fable 2 that have furniture stores. You can travel to either of these towns, then you simply have to find the furniture stores within the towns.
  3. Talk to the merchant. The next step in learning how to buy furniture in Fable 2 is talking to the merchant who is inside the furniture store. When you talk to him you will be given the option to look over different pieces and purchasing them. Make sure you have saved up some money so you can treat yourself to some nice furniture.
  4. Work around the glitch. There is a glitch in Fable 2 that makes it so a merchant does not sell furniture if their town has an economy rating of five stars. It can be fairly annoying, but there are a couple ways around this problem. First, you could try visiting Bloodstone if you run into this glitch in Bowerstone, or vice versa. Next, you can try and destroy the town's economy. You can do this by raising taxes, killing merchants, and being creative. Remember, this course of action will most likely hurt your reputation, so be careful if you are making a good character. Now you know everything there is about how to buy furniture in Fable 2.
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