How To Buy Gold Jewelry

Need to know how to buy gold jewelry? When deciding to buy gold jewelry, most people head to the most expensive and well-known jewelry store in the area, but smart shoppers know that unless there is an estate sale going on, you should avoid the high-end stores completely, except when you are determined to buy new jewelry. Engagement rings are the big flag for most people who buy gold jewelry, and prospective brides almost always insist on new.

  1. Unless you absolutely need something brand new when you set out to buy gold jewelry, a pawn shop offers great bargains. Individuals in financial trouble often pawn gold jewelry, hoping that they can retrieve it when their finances improve. Pawn brokers usually buy gold jewelry for the gold value alone, so that is why you can buy gold jewelry in a pawn shop at such a great price. Most brokers will even let you haggle a bit on the price.
  2. Flea markets are also a place to buy gold jewelry at a great price. But before you buy gold jewelry at a flea market, you better educate yourself on what is real or fake. Although a dealer may have something marked as 14 karat gold, he may be referring to electroplating. Carry a jeweler's loop with you to enable you to see the fine markings on the shank of a ring or on the clasp of a chain that designate exactly what you are buying.
  3. Yard sales are another great place to buy gold jewelry. Know what you are buying before you buy gold jewelry at a yard sale. Expensive gold pieces often get placed in a pile of costume jewelry. Know the difference between the two. Remember that yard sales are a great place to haggle. Get there early. Antique and flea market dealers always hit yard sales early. The trick is to try to buy gold jewelry before the dealers spot it.
  4. Auctions are another venue for buying gold jewelry. Look for auctions that do not highlight jewelry in their ads. Sales that list furniture, paintings and a host of household items often list any  jewelry as an afterthought. Buyers will attend these auctions for bargains on furniture or household items, so individuals who may want to buy gold jewelry will be few and you can buy gold jewelry at a fraction of what you would pay in a jewelry store or antique shop.
  5. Buying gold jewelry online is tricky. Never buy anything, especially jewelry, online from a dealer that doesn't have the highest rating. Although you can often find great bargains when you buy gold jewelry online, make sure that you can return the item if you are not completely satisfied. If you have any questions about the item before you buy, contact the dealer and get the facts before you commit to bid or buy. Know what you are buying.
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