How To Buy Golf Clubs

The large selection of golf clubs on the market can make figuring out how to buy golf clubs an extremely difficult task. When looking to buy golf clubs, you have your choice of "off the rack" clubs or you can have clubs custom fitted to your body type and game. Your budget will largely determine which route you go.

  1. Set your budget. If you have an unlimited budget with which to buy golf clubs, go custom! A golf club customization will fit the clubs perfectly to your size and game. Want more distance? Go with a slightly longer club length. Do you desire more accuracy on the course? A shorter golf club may be for you. Your local course professional or golf club fitter can help you decide which custom golf clubs are right for your game.
  2. Take the golf clubs for a test drive. Many golf shops have extra clubs laying around. Before you buy a brand new set of "off the rack" golf clubs, ask if they have any laying around that you can try out on the course. If they want you to buy golf clubs at their shop, they will most likely do anything to help you in your decision.
  3. Hit all of the golf clubs in the set. You may feel very comfortable hitting a seven-iron out of the set you are looking to buy, but you may find the three-iron unsuitable. If you are lucky enough to take the set you want to buy out on a practice round, make sure to hit a variety of shots using all the clubs to get a feel for the set as a whole.
  4. Comparison shop. If you are a beginner and value is more important to you than club fitting, shop around. When looking for the best value, you will almost always find the better price for the golf clubs you are looking for online as opposed to a local golf course pro shop. Savings can be especially dramatic if you look for an "older" model of a set of golf clubs that has just released a new model.

At the end of the day, the golf clubs you should purchase are the ones that work for you. Nobody cares if you have a fancy set of golf clubs on the course if you are shanking the ball every shot!

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