How To Buy A Golf Course

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to buy a golf course. If you love golf and are interested in starting a new business, this might be the perfect job for you! Make sure to do some research before making a final decision on any potential courses.

  1. Before you buy a golf course, you must determine how much money the course will cost. Typically, golf courses range in price from between $1.5 and $15 million. The amount of money you currently have or are able to obtain will play a huge role in determining what courses you may buy.
  2. Analyze the market of the location in which you are considering buying. Typically, large metropolitan areas are great places to buy a golf course–there is a large market base of potential customers, and usually there will not be many new courses being developed, due to strict zoning laws, and less open space.
  3. Evaluate the competition. Visit other local golf courses, and plot them out on a map which indicates their location relative to your. Remember to note whether they are municipal, public, or country club golf courses. Make sure to check out as many local courses as possible to evaluate their condition, and what they may or may not contain that your course does.
  4. Get in contact with a realtor or brokerage firm in specializes in golf course acquisition. This company will do most of the leg work associated with finding and finalizing the purchase of a golf course.
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