How To Buy A Heavy Bag

Knowing how to buy a heavy bag will allow you to get a good product for the price.  While not having that many crucial features to take into account, there are some things you need to know.  Consider the following points to make an informed buy on your next heavy bag.

  1. Choose the weight of the heavy bag.  The heavier the bag is, the better it will be able to withstand your punches.  Basically speaking, heavier bags require stronger punching.  Don't be afraid of getting a lighter bag, as the movement will allow you to work on defense.
  2. The hardness of the fill is important.  If you're not careful, the harder filled heavy bags can hurt your hands, yet they are commonly better for strengthening bones and joints on the well-protected hands of boxers.  Those that are a little "too" lightly filled (for your average boxer), such as water, are strictly of personal preference.
  3. Get a heavy bag with a good liner.  Canvas, and preferably leather, will keep your bag lasting for many years.  Stay away from vinyl and other cheap materials that will not hold up to strikes over time.
  4. Choose the type of heavy bag in terms of stand.  Heavy bags can be freestanding, yet most require placement on a beam or hook, normally to a ceiling or heavy bag stand.  This is a matter of space and convenience.
  5. Other considerations for buying a heavy bag.  You shouldn't have to pay for the name, but brands like Everlast, TKO, and Ringside make good heavy bags. You can also purchase them online (although shipping may be a problem), or at least do your research there.  Compare prices and look around to get the best deal on your heavy bag.
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