How To Buy Ice Hockey Goalie Pants

When looking to buy ice hockey goalie pants there are two things to consider. One of those is the cost. Hockey goalie equipment is the largest investment of all ice hockey players’ equipment. The next consideration is fit, comfort, and protection. Ice hockey goalies have to be agile and comfortable as well as protected from pucks flying at them at a high velocity. Frozen vulcanized rubber will leave a welt if it makes contact with an under protected area.  Here are some points to consider when purchasing ice hockey goalie pants.

  1. The hockey pants should protect the thigh, kidney, hamstring and knees of the goalie.
  2. Ice hockey pants come in two major sizes and three minor sizes. The two major sizes are senior and junior and also broken down by small, medium, and large.
  3. Hockey pants should fit loosely and comfortably while still being secured around the waist by a belt. The goalie should be comfortable in the crouched position without any restriction of movement. It is also important to make sure the hockey pants are not too large or they may shift out of proper positioning and leave an area of the body unprotected. Remember the high velocity puck scenario? As a rule of thumb, almost all ice hockey goalies’ can use their waist size as a determining factor for their hockey pant size.
  4. Ensure the bottom of the pants overlap the top of the shin pad kneecaps by one or two inches.
  5. Select goal pants that are eight to ten inches above the waist or six to eight inches for juniors. This ensures proper protection of the kidneys, abdomen and chest.


  • Always try on ice hockey goalie pants in full dress to insure a comfortable and agile fit with no restrictions or too much movement.
  • When purchasing ice hockey equipment for the first time, always buy at a local store and not online. This ensures proper fit, comfort and protection.
  • Buy ice hockey goalie pants and equipment from a sports store or specialty shop. The salespeople there can help with proper fit and protection.
  • If cost is a factor, look for used or reconditioned ice hockey equipment that is still in good shape but priced more attractively.

Ice hockey is a contact sport in more ways than one. There is contact with other players, sticks and the puck. Taking the time to make the right decision when buying ice hockey goalie pants and other protective equipment can save time and injury in the long run. This helps insure an enjoyable playing experience and the best performance on the ice.

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