How To Buy A Leather Jacket

In order to be fashion-forward, it’s imperative for you to know how to buy a leather jacket. Otherwise, you’ll wind up being a style victim rather than someone to watch and emulate. Think of a leather jacket as an investment piece—something you can wear for years without having to replace it.

  1. Establish a budget. Be as generous as your bank account will allow, because you’ll be stuck with this leather jacket for years.
  2. Decide on the color of leather. If you can only afford to purchase one leather jacket, opt for black or brown, depending on which color looks better with your skin tones and defines your image. Black has a harder edge, while brown is softer and cuddlier.
  3. Choose a reputable store. You don’t want to think you’re buying a leather jacket, only to find out later it was pleather.
  4. Feel the leather. The softer the leather, the more you’ll be touched—and that’s a good thing, right? Compare the touch of more than one jacket, and you’ll know which is best for you. If you’re a biker, you’ll be better off with thicker, coarser leather to protect you in case of a spill. For knocking around on a Saturday afternoon, a soft, buttery feel will be more comfortable.
  5. Inspect the lining. A well made leather jacket should have quality lining. Avoid any jacket with splits in seams or lining that is too thin to last as long as you expect to wear it.
  6. Try on every jacket. You want the proportions to fit your build. If your shoulders are already out-to-there, you may opt for a leather jacket without shoulder pads. However, if you tend to be scrawny, choose a jacket with shoulder pads to give you a better silhouette. The sleeves should be long enough to hit the base of the thumb. Swing your arms side to side, then raise and lower them to make sure it’s comfortable. The bottom of the jacket should fall somewhere between the waist and hip, depending on the look you’re going for.

A good leather jacket can put the final finishing touch on any man’s wardrobe. Before you buy one, be armed with enough information to help make a good selection.

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