How To Buy Linen Suits For Men

There is little questioning your motivation behind wanting to learn how to buy a linen suit.  Linen suits carry with them a symbolism of wealth, leisure, and power.  It almost seems that since the dawn of time high profile men have worn these comfortably elegant suits as they vacationed in the Mediterranean and the South of France.  If you, too, hope to embody this same type of breezy statehood, then learning how to buy a linen suit is an absolute must. 

  1. Before you buy a linen suit, it is important to understand your reasoning behind the purchase.  Keep in mind that linen is a delicate, hard to handle material.  It wrinkles almost at will, and attracts stains like nobodies business.  Because of this, a linen suit should probably not be a primary everyday suit.  Linen suits are best for vacationing, weddings, and casual meetings with friends and colleagues. 
  2. There are four main types of linen; each one carries with it both pros and cons.  Linens, such as Italian linen, have a less uniform weave.  This light fabric is great for vacationing, yet it is much more likely to wrinkle and crease.  Gabardine is a much heavier type of linen; which makes it less likely to crease and wrinkle.  Irish linen is very closely woven and generally comes in solid colors.  Of all the different types of linen, this makes it the least likely to wrinkle.  Fancy line is a blend of both linen and silk.  Its weave gives it a very sophisticated appeal. 
  3. When you buy a linen suit, you may also want to keep versatility in mind.  Linen suits can be mixed and matched with other articles of clothing.  For instance, a solid linen suit jacket can be paired with a pair of trousers and jeans.  Also, a less formal shirt, such as a fitted T-shirt, can be worn under the suit jacket.  These options give you a lot of versatility, and they can stretch the use you get out of the suit. 
  4. Keep in mind that linen suits do not have to be well tailored and contoured towards your body.  Because of this, it is perfectly acceptable to purchase suits directly off the rack.   This enables you to find department store discount pricing.  It also helps you cut down on any tailoring expenses. 
  5. Try not to buy linen suits while they are in season.  Remember these suits are generally worn in the summer, or on vacations.  With this in mind, you will cut down on the cost of your suit if you purchase it in the late fall and early winter. 
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