How To Buy A Monkey

If you are thinking of having an exotic pet such as a monkey, you may want to know how to buy a monkey. You should be aware that monkeys can be destructive, unpredictable and need a lot of care and attention. Figure out if you want to spend most of your free time with a monkey before buying one.

To buy a monkey, you will need:

  • Resources on monkeys
  • Cage
  • Food and supplies
  1. Find out if you can legally keep a primate where you live before you buy a monkey. In some states, it is illegal to have exotic pets. Other times, you may need a permit to keep a monkey. Contact your state’s board to find out more information.
  2. Build a cage for your monkey. Most cages sold at pet stores may be too small for your monkey. You also need to provide them with cool air, heat and light.
  3. Decide which kind of monkey you want. You can get a capuchin, guenon, macaque, marmoset, squirrel, spider or tamarin monkey. Research at your local library or on the internet about the various types including what they eat and how to care for them.
  4. Purchase the appropriate food for the type of monkey you want to buy. They may eat peanuts, vegetables, cereal, grasshoppers or meat. Find out what your monkey eats in order to survive.
  5. Buy a monkey from a breeder. Make sure they hold a USDA license. A license protects both the breeder and you from the law.



Since monkeys are very social animals, you may consider getting him a mate.

Find a vet that specializes in primates before you buy a monkey.



All monkeys bite!



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