How To Buy A Pea Coat

Keeping warm in the winter does not mean dressing as the abominable snowman wearing a big puffy coat. There are plenty of styling options when choosing a coat, based on its length, quality and overall style. Pea coats are not only stylish, they are classic and perfect for everyone to wear. Get tips on how to buy a pea coat and look your best.

  1. Choose the length you prefer. When buying a pea coat, think about what length will suit you the most. If you are wearing it for special occasions, or to compliment your business suit, a longer pea coat will work the best. If you are using it in a casual setting for everyday use, a shorter one that stops to the thighs will be just fine.
  2. Check the quality. Since a pea coat is a big fashion statement, you can find it almost everywhere in department stores, but what separates a great pea coat from an average one is its quality. Generally, a pea coat made of 100 percent wool would be a bit costly but it keeps you warm and last a long time. However if you are looking for inexpensive ones that fits your budget, some pea coats are made in variety of materials, including wool, that look and feel just as good as a wool pea coat.
  3. Find the style that fits you. There is not a lot of variety when it comes to men's pea coats, but there is a small difference in them. If you want to go for a military style or the classic Navy look, a double-breasted pea coat will be perfect. Black, navy, and gray are the standard colors for pea coats and can go well with anything you wear. Depending on the weather where you live, a cashmere pea coat works well. Not only is it stylish, it is light and goes well in the fall season and in mild temperatures during the winter.
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