How To Buy The Right MMA Heavy Bag Gloves

Take a moment to understand how to buy the right MMA gloves for heavy bag training will do wonders down the road. Not equipping yourself with the proper heavy bag gloves will lead to injury. Using the right gloves for MMA heavy bag assaults will also prove the best for training. Learning to pock the proper gloves for MMA heavy bag training is not a difficult under taking. This article will outline the process for choosing the right MMA gloves for heavy bag training. Follow the detailed instruction and learn how to select MMA heavy bag gloves to meet your personal style.

What you will need to do:

  • Local shop that sells MMA or boxing gear
  • Cash, check or credit
  • Transportation
  • Skilled sales associate


  1. Head down to your local sports shop, using whatever means of transportation you have. Seek out a sales associate to take you to the MMA or boxing area. Ask to see the training gloves for MMA (or boxing) for heavy bag training.
  2. You can use boxing gloves (lightest weight) is MMA gloves are not available. Pick out several styles and manufacturers to try on. Try on each of the gloves, as a set.
  3. If available, try each one up against a store displayed heavy bag. What you are looking for is tightness of fit. You want the knuckle-padding square across your knuckles.
  4. Additionally, the wrist guard should fit just over the wrist bone. The strap should fit firmly around the wrist without it feeling uncomfortable. The rest of the glove should hug the hand with no slippage or movement.
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